Remember to Not Vote

by Jay Mangano Today is my birthday. It also happens to be election day in America. I’ve reached an age where neither of these things mean much to me anymore. I’m not vibrating with anticipation for the fire hose of gifts about to open (a delightful benefit of being an only child). Nor am I … Continue reading Remember to Not Vote


My Girlfriend Bought a House

by Jay Mangano My girlfriend bought a house. I say "my girlfriend bought a house" and not "my girlfriend and I" or "we", because my girlfriend merits being called a number of things that I do not. Like secure, responsible, or adult. So my girlfriend bought a house and welcomed me into it. We're a … Continue reading My Girlfriend Bought a House


Written by Kate Harrison. “Jubi! Don't be late,” warns Mama Fadhili, youngest of my sisters-in-law, as she pulls her bucket away from the faucet. I slide mine into place, but some water is lost, dark splashes quickly fading in the red-brown dust. Late. In school it did not matter that my mind was quick as … Continue reading Late

Summer Reading: Farewell Fred Voodoo

Note: This article was written by Alexandra Hanson-Harding. Please disregard the WordPress byline. Most people in Haiti live on less than two dollars a day. Hundreds of thousands have been living in tent cities without sanitation since a 2010 hurricane rattled the tiny island nation. Then, a cholera epidemic killed thousands more. They have lived … Continue reading Summer Reading: Farewell Fred Voodoo


Editor's note: This is the fourth article in a series that will run this week to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11. This isn't a story about 9/11. This is a story of the story of 9/11. My story. We all have our stories about it. Where we were, how we heard, who we knew … Continue reading Nonstory