Archived links page, ca.2003

Of historical interest. Links page from the old, ca. 2003.

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Historian on Two Wheels Neil Brennen’s bike blog. And a biking buddy! … is what it sounds like. Good net hangout for bicycle folk.
What I Really Think Kim’s bike blog.
The Amazing Shrinking Man! Tom Stormcrowe’s bike blog.
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Comics and webcomics

Schlock Mercenary My current fave webcomic, by Howard Tayler. Hard SF webcomic, updated daily.
Great characters, and funny. Still waiting for the first reprint book
Something Positive Currently competing for my favorite webcomic. Bitter, sardonic soap opera
strip, by R. H. Milholland. If this doesn’t kill your good mood, nothing will.
Lowbright The home of Derek Kirk Kim&#146s online comics, Lowbright was
formerly known as Small Stories Online. Check out

Same Difference
that&#146ll hook you if nothing else will.
Scott McCloud And speaking of webcomics… Mr. McCloud, the creator of the
seminal works Understanding Comics and
Reinventing Comics
and the mind behind the Creators&#146 Bill of Rights, has been maintaining this site for some time, and keeps not only
some of his best work there but has links to many of the best webcomics I&#146ve seen. He hasn’t done a major update in a while, but it’s chock full of good reading.
Fantastic Four Plaza Great fansite for the fantastic Four. Keeps very up-to-date.
Planetary Comic Appreciation Page The most comprehensive analysis of Warren Ellis and John Cassady’s comic book masterpiece Planetary.
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Books and reading

A Year of Reading An effort to bring reading back into peoples’
lives. Folks that commit to reading a book a
month and sharing that book, even if only by
listing its title, with others on their
Bookmooch Trading board for books. Highly reccomended.
Neil Gaiman&#146s Blog Gaiman&#146s writings include American Gods, the Sandman
books, and a killer weblog. Also see
The Wolves in the Walls
and his audio fiction; hearing him read his own stories is a treat.
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The Zen Interpretation of Brian Wilson’s and Van Dyke Parks’ SMiLE The title says it all. Not sure I buy
all this, but it’s fascinating reading
Jason Webley When I was
working the sound board at a festival this past
, I was very lucky to hear Jason play. I
picked up
Against the Night
on the spot, and am now thinking,
what CD will i get next? (Viaje
is also quite good.) The best new music I’ve found
in years. His albums Against The Night and Counterpoint are particularly excellent, although so far they’re all wonderful.
Brushwood Art Bruce Carl Meyers’s site. He produced my 2005 demo. Useful for finding open mikes in strange areas or times. Not always up-to-date, so always check.
Ten to Nine My old band. This site is old, and there&#146s really not much point to
updating it. But it gives the curious an idea where I come from musically.
Central NJ Song Circle As they put it: &#147A bunch of musicians sitting around
playing&#148. The group meets once a month in Metuchen to do
just that.
A Halo Called Fred Surreal, funny music; sadly, the Halo is no more, but you can still

buy their music
. Also has lyrics.
Amy Marie Keller Singer, songwriter, pianist. Good songs to download.
Bob Norman Bob is a singer/songwriter of legend on the NJ folk scene.
Spook Handy Accomplished folk musician, and keeper of the open mic flame in
Central NJ. On hiatus at the moment, The Spook Handy Show has been one of the best open mics in NJ for a long time, now.
Digital Droo Electronica-style music, available for download. My favorite so far is
The MacAddict Years in particular.
Kinda techno, think Bach or Scarlatti as techno club music.
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1st Sundays Comedy Film Frstival Films from the strange to the stranger, always funny. The audience contests are fun, too.
Words Pictures Movies Small independent film production company that makes quirky short films. I’ve done some location sound work for them.
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Versiontracker If you drive a Mac, this is the best place to check for software
Quicksilver Calls itself “A unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data.” What it actually does is pretty much anything you need done on your mac. Here’s a good description at Macworld.
Low End Mac If you drive a Mac that&#146s a bit of a clunker and falling
apart as you type, well, then go here.
DragThing Extremely stable, very well-thought-out
launcher for the Mac. I still use it under OSX
10.4. DT beats the Apple dock anyday.
Latest version includes neat-o themes,
like the old Kaleidoscope skins.
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Other web stuff A friend of mine says this site is so funny, that she wants Jay Pinkerton’s love child.
The Gallery of Nonexistent Art Reviews of music, literature, theater, you name it — all pieces that have
the sole drawback of not existing anywhere. Has been discontinued, but still good reading.
Wikipedia An open-content encyclopedia in multiple languages. Sample entries:

Head on over and contribute to an entry — or write one of your own.

Uncyclopedia And what’s Wikipedia without its parody, the Uncyclopedia?
Uncyclopedia Random Article, you can spend hours with this link;
Not My Desk It’s back! Christopher Livingston has been writing essays about
his temp jobs, his life, and his neuroses for some years now.
Outpost Gallifrey Great Doctor Who fansite. I’m currently avoiding it to avoid spoilers about the new series.

The Improbable Improvables
My alma mater, so to speak. The group has refocused, and is no longer a
musical comedy/sketch somedy/improv comedy triumverate, but is now
performing improv comedy almost exclusively.
Slashdot For anyone who&#146s been hiding in a cave… Slashdot is the granddaddy
of all post-and-chat boards on the web. It&#146s based on an open-source
code base that has spawned many, many imitator boards. But none
even come close to the original.

The Lurker&#146s Guide to Babylon 5
This is a great resource if you&#146re a fan
of the show, or just getting acquainted. One
of the few things on television worth
watching. If you&#146re in New Jersey and a Jewish college student, or a
student at heart, take a look.