About the Nose


Note: Magnificent Nose is currently on hiatus through the end of the year.

Lately, people have been asking what the site is all about. The Nose isn’t easily summed up in a few words. Looking at our tag cloud (on the right), articles here tend to be about writing, books, and language. We also run book reviews from time to time.

History of the site

I set up neilfein.com as my personal site in the nineties. Over the years, I’ve been using sites like Facebook and Twitter more and more, and blogging less frequently. In early 2010, a client I was doing audio work for suggested I make my site more professional-looking if I were going to use it professionally. In same year, when I started looking for work as a freelance copyeditor, I ran into the same problem.

My editing site is now its own entity, and you can see it at neilfein.com. There are some bits and pieces of the old site scattered around here, some heavily edited and revised, some barely recognizable.

Changing the name to Magnificent Nose was, at first, my way of using the site as a sort of clearinghouse, but with three regular scribblers and several more guest writers, it’s clearly now a place for writers to express themselves with editorial support. That means that the editor (ahem) will not only help writers find typos and other small flaws, but will point out if a line is weak, a paragraph is unnecessary, or even if a piece isn’t making the cut. Most importantly, I’ll do my best to help come up with ways to fix the problems.

About the name: It’s a suggestion from a client.


Unless specified otherwise, all posts here are copyrighted, and that copyright is held by the original authors. Magnificent Nose claims no copyright over contributors’ content, aside from the right to use it here and for publicity. Please do not re-use without permission, although using a brief excerpt (for example, when linking to an article here) is fine. If you want to re-publish a Magnificent Nose article, we’re all reasonable, friendly people, so please get in touch and ask.

Editorial Style

See this page: Magnificent Nose Editing