Sandman: Overture 4

This installment of Sandman: Overture continues the lush art and expansive story of the previous chapters. The art by J.H. Williams III is, if anything, getting better with each issue.

As Dream, his feline echo, and a human girl continue on their quest, we get more glimpses of what lies behind the curtain of the universe. In this more cosmic of the Sandman stories Neil Gaiman has written over the years, characters take a backseat to setting, but somehow the figure of Dream in Overture still feels like the Morpheus we’re used to reading about.

I didn’t feel the need to re-read the previous issues this time. Is my memory getting better? Or has re-reading them each time finally had an effect? I did go back and re-read a story from Endless Nights, though, since one of the more stellar elements of that story returns in this one. While I was at my bookshelf, I also paged through the end of The Doll’s House, since the Dream Vortex phenomenon of that story has been a major element in Overture from the beginning.

When Overture is complete, I can feel the desire to re-read the entire Sandman saga and see how they all compare.

This post is the fourth in a series on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: Overture.

Neil Fein is a freelance editor who specializes in novels. If you’ve written a manuscript or are getting close to finishing, you can get in touch with him here. He rides his bicycle as much as he can, and he paints and draws when possible. He’s also a guitarist and songwriter.


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