An ode to a silent boy

Beautiful sun halo

For my brother.

You haven’t spoken a word
Not once these twenty odd years
Although we’ve learned to read you
Like a book without a spine
It’s still a hit or miss affair

When we were but children
Vague emotions do I remember
Of times when we would play
We never really did get along, eh?
Or perhaps it was jealousy
But that soon turned to shame

As the days went by
And we grew up
It seems that you did not
A part of you remained untouched
And we were cut to pieces

A distance mushroomed in the gaps
As we knew not how to help you
Or what you really needed
If only you could tell us
Yet I know it’s not to be

You’re a weight on our shoulders
That we’ve had to share between us
Each with our shifting roles
In this drama we call reality
Of which you pay us no heed

Move forward we must
Over the torrent of noise
An unrelenting stream you love
But hate when it’s not your own
With the hands that we were dealt

So keep that sunshine smile
It’s the least that we can do
While we pave this endless road
Like a puzzle in the wind

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