Have a Cup of the World

Friday, June 27, was a day of contemplation for World Cup players and fans. Here in the U.S., we nursed tattered emotions in the wake of Thursday’s game against Germany. We didn’t win, but we held “Die Mannschaft” to a single point on a sodden field in the rain, taking second place in the “Group of … Continue reading Have a Cup of the World


Radio Dreams

Written by Edna Truong. My tutor asked, “has anyone heard a radio drama before?” The room was hushed, eyes darted left and right, then downwards. Only a handful nodded their heads. I sat with my eyes wide open, eager for the tutor to explain further. Of course, I belonged to the majority of those puzzled, … Continue reading Radio Dreams

Life Lessons (and Lesson Plans)

As of June 19th of this year, I am no longer a teacher. I have been a professional educator for seven and half years. Now I have no classroom and no current contract. And this isn’t just a matter of summer vacation either; I have no job to go back to in the fall, and … Continue reading Life Lessons (and Lesson Plans)

Pictures? Why Do I Need Pictures?

I'm an art school graduate, and in many ways a visual person. So when Kathleen and I discussed ways to improve the Nose last year, one thing we agreed on was that pictures are a good thing: They make the site look nice, they're more interesting in social media links, and they're fun. So most … Continue reading Pictures? Why Do I Need Pictures?

Ask Ceil – I Have an Opinion

Dear Ceil, Why do I have so many opinions, and why do I talk about them? I had no idea I cared. Signed, Soapboxing in Susquehanna Dear Soapboxing, There are several reasons why we might voice our opinions. Only a couple make any sense. 1. We need to hear ourselves talk. You’re at home on … Continue reading Ask Ceil – I Have an Opinion


There are moments when you can see clearly that it’s the right time to move on. Open another window, start another phase in your life. I reached that point about two weeks ago, over drinks with a work friend in Melbourne. We were talking about our job and the end of the performance year where … Continue reading Changes

What If We Just Dance Until We’re 69?

When I was a teenager in the '80s, I could seriously rock a black velvet babydoll and faux leather tights. When the parent organization at my children’s school hosted an ‘80s-themed “Parent Prom,” I discovered that in my advancing middle years, given the dress, the tights, and some black Chuck Taylors, I can still rock it. … Continue reading What If We Just Dance Until We’re 69?


“Where are we going?” Dad asked again. “We’re meeting my friend, Kathy, for lunch.” She wasn't my friend. “Oh, where’s that?” I pointed. “Right there.” “We’re having lunch?” “Yes.” “Who are we meeting?” “Kathy.” I pulled into a parking space. I didn't cry. “Ok, let’s go.” “I’ll stay here.” “No, come. We’re having lunch” “Here?” … Continue reading Lunch


Written by Kate Harrison. “Jubi! Don't be late,” warns Mama Fadhili, youngest of my sisters-in-law, as she pulls her bucket away from the faucet. I slide mine into place, but some water is lost, dark splashes quickly fading in the red-brown dust. Late. In school it did not matter that my mind was quick as … Continue reading Late

The Waiting

He sits in the old recliner, his body sinking into the cushions until it seems as much a part of the upholstery as the faded blue cloth. Spindly legs, legs that once raced about a tennis court and pedaled up steep hills, lie limply on the footrest. Arms which once wrestled the yoke of a … Continue reading The Waiting