Ask Ceil – E.S.P.

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Dear Ceil,

Can I use ESP to send my friend a message about something? I’d rather not confront her.

Bashful in Basking Ridge

Dear Bashful,

I hail from New Jersey where confrontation is practically a team sport, so I typically endorse a more direct approach. But if you have already ruled that out, then let’s learn ESP!

From Erin, whose answers were selected as “best” 38% of the time on Yahoo Answers:

“A long, long time ago it was actually easier for humans to communicate telepathically than with language.” (It was so long ago that it was before “fact” or “research” existed.)

Once I understood the origins of ESP, I was ready. So, I started my research on eHow.

Always start at eHow, mainly because you will find instructions so basic that you will immediately be filled with a sense of empowerment and over-confidence.

For instance, Step 3 in “Preparing Your Mind for Psychic Messages” is “Hold the belief that you can send a psychic message.” (Step 2 also deals with suspending logic. As though simply by being here, we weren’t already doing that.)

Much eHow advice is also spectacularly wrong or totally misguided. In steps 4–6, you involve a friend to help determine whether or not you are telepathic. I can’t think of a single friend who wouldn’t mess with me during this phase.


“Oh, my God! I was thinking of John Fogerty. Try another one!”

The thing that jumped out at me, though, were the links to other articles I May Like. This one, in particular: How to Make an Aura Ball. (“Do not be surprised if it takes multiple attempts before you are able to create an aura ball.” No. I won’t be surprised. But dear GOD… I want to make an aura ball. I don’t even know what they do. I don’t care. I want to throw them at people. And cats. I am hoping that it’s like the Wizard Hell Fire in “Baldur’s Gate”.)

There is also the Association for Research and Enlightenment, an organization that’s based in Virginia Beach, VA. They have an on-site spa, and at least one job opening which closes today. Tempting.

But as much fun as I make of it, one of the more fascinating places you can visit is this link, which houses the collection overview and documentation for the Parapsychology Library at Duke University.

Duke University Parapsychology. It’s one of those things you knew about and then forgot. And when you remember again, you think, “Right. Duke University studied parapsychology for decades.” And suddenly, today’s world doesn’t seem that weird.

Their collection can only be utilized in person, and now I have to go to North Carolina right this minute. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day finding out what the heck they were doing down there in 1919? (Ok, just me.)

And while Duke no longer studies parapsychology, the work is still continued at the Rhine Education Center. (Tonight’s online event: A Panel on Near Death Experiences!)

So, those are some places you can go to learn ESP, but I tell you… try speaking directly to this person. There are a thousand ways to get in touch with her, through phone, text, email, her friends, any of the various social media sites, a coffee shop… perhaps you could even drop by her house. You could probably go to Google Earth and find her right now.

The benefits of direct communication include, but are not limited to:

  1. No special training will be needed.
  2. The actual message that you are trying to convey will be the message that is conveyed.
  3. She will then also be able to talk back to you, which is not always guaranteed with garden-variety ESP. Of course, you have to determine for yourself whether that’s a benefit or not.

So that’s my advice. But if you were trained in ESP, you would have known that already!


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