Ask Ceil – It Was A Bad Week

Today's Ask Ceil has been pre-empted by an essay by Ceil. My college roommate and I used to have a saying: "Everything is funny. You just have to look at it in the right way." So true. But I have to say, this week I struggled to find the funny. It started last Wednesday. Long … Continue reading Ask Ceil – It Was A Bad Week


Drowning in Notebooks

I’m drowning in notebooks. As I type, four of them are littered across my desk. A large, faux-leather covered notebook is sitting on my carpet, surrounded by little black dots that look like insects, but upon closer inspection turn out to be faux-leather droppings. There’s a notebook that permanently rides in my work backpack, another … Continue reading Drowning in Notebooks

Ask Ceil – Olympic Foxing

Dear Ceil, How do I get into the Winter Olympics? Frosted in Fresno Dear Frosted, Why on earth would you want to get into the Winter Olympics? You have to train every single day, and always in the cold. Even when everyone else is warm, you have to go find someplace cold to train.  Do … Continue reading Ask Ceil – Olympic Foxing

Movie Review: This is The End

The post-apocalyptic comedy This is The End may be the best movie I’ve seen all year. I realize these are strong words for a movie that isn’t some dramatic picture about men overcoming disaster (though that is essentially what this is) or some hyper-violent comic-book movie. Not only is it incredibly funny, but it actually contains … Continue reading Movie Review: This is The End

The Rice Cooker Chronicles

Our rice cooker broke two weeks ago. I’m not quite sure why it gave up the ghost--perhaps it simply tired of being a one-trick pony. More likely it’s because it was a $15 bargain from the local department story. If you live in an Asian family, you’ll know what a disaster a broken rice cooker … Continue reading The Rice Cooker Chronicles

Ask Ceil – Psychic Nightclubs

Dear Ceil, How can I become a psychic? More-Large-Than-Medium in Melrose Dear Large, I like where you're going with this. A lot of people have trouble deciding what to do for a living, but you have picked a profession that is imaginary. I think that takes a good bit of courage. For instance, I have … Continue reading Ask Ceil – Psychic Nightclubs

Movie Review: Man of Tai Chi

Man of Tai-Chi (2013), the first film directed by Keanu Reeves, is a formidable picture that fully displays the passion Reeves has for martial arts. Unlike the recent Ninja 2: Shadows of the Tear (2013), Keanu smartly trusts his audience and focuses on the martial artist Tiger Chen rather than an American protagonist. Despite Keanu’s … Continue reading Movie Review: Man of Tai Chi

Conversations With My Cat

Duke noses my bedroom door open and slips inside. I turn from my computer screen, and he trots up to my chair and returns my gaze with wide eyes. “Meow.” What are you up to? “I’m trying to write this week’s article, and procrastinating by researching Germany’s tactics during WWII for my next novel. Have … Continue reading Conversations With My Cat

Ask Ceil – My Life, In Film and Song

Dear Ceil, I need to make a video about a story from my life for a project, but I don't know where to start. I know you don't know me, but what event should I use? Taping in Tuscaloosa Dear Taping, Well, there are a few events that every person has in their life. Birth, … Continue reading Ask Ceil – My Life, In Film and Song