Old as the Hills and Still Brand New

This week is a very special and exciting week here at Magnificent Nose.  Editor in Chief, Neil Fein and his wife have welcomed a brand new baby girl.  Whether Mazel Tov or Congratulations or some other expression is your choice of word to express joy, the staff are pleased and excited for them all.

Funny though, new babies have been happening, well…pretty much forever.  Still, it never fails to cause a tempest in a teapot whenever a new one arrives.  Becoming caretakers of a brand new, utterly dependent life is a transformative experience.  Experience is a critical word here, because until it’s been your personal experience there really are no words to adequately sum it up.  It’s not always lovely.  In fact it’s rarely even pretty being literally an event full of blood, sweat, and tears.  Add to this sleeplessness, fear bordering on paranoia, and total upheaval of every aspect of your life.  When I say “every aspect” I mean that the most humdrum activities of daily living such as taking a shower will soon become herculean challenges.

As a balm for this will come small miracles:  a first smile, first experience of rolling over, a first sound, a first word.  Later there will be hugs for no reason, and kisses as random acts.  It won’t always be fun, but never a dull moment has never looked like this!

From all of us here and Magnificent Nose, we trust you will join us in wishing Neil and his brandy-new-family all the best, endless blessings and very few tears.

Neil Fein is understandably off this week.  So I’ll be doing my best to hold down the fort.


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