Movie Review: The Act of Killing

To call the documentary The Act of Killing disturbing is an understatement. The film is the closest most of us may ever have to stare face to face with pure evil. Director Joshua Oppenheimer follows a group of Indonesian thugs who were once part of a military death squad during the 1960s. These men, in … Continue reading Movie Review: The Act of Killing


Life Happens

You'll be seeing fewer posts here at the nose for a little while. The editorial staff apologizes for this, and we hope we'll be back very soon with great articles four days a week. But until further notice, expect that postings will be less frequent.

Movie Review: Her

Moments after Spike Jonze’s science-fiction/romance hybrid Her, I sat in my seat thinking about the movie I had just seen. I didn’t feel comfortable sharing with my friends my thoughts--at least not in that moment. I spent the rest of the night in quiet contemplation. There’s something personal aboutHer; I can imagine people seeing some … Continue reading Movie Review: Her

Old as the Hills and Still Brand New

This week is a very special and exciting week here at Magnificent Nose.  Editor in Chief, Neil Fein and his wife have welcomed a brand new baby girl.  Whether Mazel Tov or Congratulations or some other expression is your choice of word to express joy, the staff are pleased and excited for them all. Funny … Continue reading Old as the Hills and Still Brand New

Movie Review: Before Sunrise

In director Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise (1995)--the first in what is now a trilogy of romantic films--he introduces us to Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy), two romantic hopefuls who have a fateful meeting on a train to Vienna. Featuring the same quiet but assured directing style as Linklater’s cult-classic Dazed and Confused, Sunrise … Continue reading Movie Review: Before Sunrise

A History of Games

The first time I played a computer game was around 1990, when computers still had 5 ¼ inch floppy disk drives alongside the newfangled 3.5-inch ones. Windows didn’t exist yet, which meant navigating the computer required mastery of a whole series of DOS commands. “dir/w” and “cd...” are two I still fondly remember to this … Continue reading A History of Games