Spooky Election Day

Palin Rally - Zombie protestor

Very soon, we’ll be seeing Halloween decorations nailed to lampposts. Shortly after that, we’ll see election day flyers and be getting sample ballots in the mail (at least in the US).

When Kathleen and I were discussing the site’s next theme week, we had two competing ideas:

  • Election day is a topic that can generate fascinating essays. At the Nose, we generally stay away from politics, so it’d be fun to have a fresh subject for a theme week. And now, with the US Federal government shut down, it becomes even more timely. Unfortunately, it’s a topic that’s restricted to the US.
  • Halloween is always a fun time of year. Ghost stories, axe murderers… it’s a great time of year when writers can let it all hang out. But it’s been done before.

Rather than be decisive, our editorial team decided to combine the two into one theme week.

Theme week: Spooky Election Day

Date: October 21st–25th

What is it? We’re looking for posts containing spooky, scary, or even just plain weird stories about elections or politics. There are no other requirements, but both elements need to be involved.

Length: roughly 500–1000 words

Hold on, will these be fiction or essays? Either one. We had intended for these posts to be non-fiction, but at least one person is writing a story. So it’s up to you!

To sign up to write a post, use the site contact page or the comments here.


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