Spring Cleaning

The past weekend was a (late) Spring cleaning weekend. Not the normal kind of Spring cleaning where you go about in a frenzy emptying cupboards, airing out blankets, and that sort of thing--I went through all the files on my computer’s hard drive to see what could go. I cracked open the dusty innards of … Continue reading Spring Cleaning


Interview: Geek Creation Show

I recently heard about an upcoming event known as The Geek Creation Show. I had no idea what this could possibly be about. I did find the website intriguing. So when I was offered the chance to interview the organizer of the event, Jeff Mach of the eponymous Jeff Mach Events, I jumped on it. … Continue reading Interview: Geek Creation Show

Guaranteed Win

In the fluorescent lights in front of the school, Thomas Faherty's face floated, pale yellow, above his charcoal suit. Gripping his briefcase, he greeted Daryl with all of his tolerance and the impressive, pressed-on smile he used during the campaign. Daryl handed him a sagging grocery bag that crinkled when Thomas looked inside. "A chipmunk?" … Continue reading Guaranteed Win

Colonel Wilde

It was back in the autumn of ‘44, I was on my way to vote in the town elections when my car busted flat. It was a dark road and not much frequented, neither by men nor by ghosts. I was young and fearless, and being in a hurry to get to the town hall … Continue reading Colonel Wilde

Zombie Party

The secret is chocolate sauce. If you want your blood to look nice and dark you need to add chocolate sauce to your mixture of corn syrup and red food dye. Plus it adds a little depth of flavor, which never hurts. So there I was, taking handfuls of blood and smearing handprints down the … Continue reading Zombie Party

Movie Review: Captain Phillips

As I left my screening of the new Paul Greengrass (Bourne Ultimatum, The Green Zone) film, Captain Phillips starring the ever-likable Tom Hanks, I didn’t really know what to make of it. Phillips is a dramatization of the Maersk Alabama hijacking in 2009. It focuses on the titled character’s capture by Somali pirates and eventual rescue by the U.S. Navy. But as the film cut to black and the credits began to roll, I was left more cold than relieved by its ending. There is no doubt in my mind that I saw a well-crafted thriller; and yet I felt emotionally detached throughout the majority of the film, partly because Phillips relies too much on Hank’s star-power to fill in for any sort of development for Captain Rich Phillips.

Loneliness and Independence

I’m an introvert. I know this because I took all these personality tests that told me so in no uncertain terms. I also know because most days, I’d rather be chilling in my room with a good book, hot tea, and a cat on my lap (should he so consent). I’m happiest when I’m not stressing over how to deal with other people and all the social niceties I need to be aware of.

Write What You Know

The story here isn't so much about what I may or may not know to be fact. Rather, my purpose today is to show you how this conclusion came along in a sneaky way to tap me on the shoulder, if you want to be kind (or to smack me upside the head if you don't).

Movie Review: Gravity

Gravity, Director Alfonso Cuaron’s follow-up to his 2006 sci-fi masterpiece Children of Men, at times feels more like an amusement park ride than movie; often sending audiences careening and tumbling through deep space, the film allows only small moments of rest before starting all over again. Those expecting a more thorough exploration of space travel … Continue reading Movie Review: Gravity

Delighted by Ducati

My family’s about to welcome its newest member. No, I’m not talking about a surprise child--though you could say that to my parents, the news was definitely a surprise. I’m talking about Ducati, a kitten my sister and I decided to adopt. (We’ve yet to agree who gets to be the mum, as opposed to … Continue reading Delighted by Ducati