Everything Old is New Again

The evening was hot, even stifling. The three of us had been recording our first studio album for the past half-year, but those months of mandolin and microphones, and vocals and cables had come to a close. We were done recording, and it was time to see what we had accomplished. Roger Noguerol, our drummer … Continue reading Everything Old is New Again


Journey’s End

Where do I start a story about the end of the journey of my first novel? I could start it a few months back when I received the last of a final trickle of (admittedly encouraging) rejections from agents. I could go all the way back to last year, when I first joined up for … Continue reading Journey’s End

The Little Tea Shop That Could

On a whim, my wife and I took our scooter up into the mountains behind our home to visit our most favorite traditional tea and pottery house. The tea service is free, and all of the kettles and pottery are handmade with amazing attention to detail. We've got only five weeks left in Korea, so … Continue reading The Little Tea Shop That Could

Magic Within

This ending to an imaginary novel is the final post of flash fiction week V. She stepped onto the stage, high heels shouting echoes through footlights and dust. Hector was there, too, stage left. The dark of his jacket sank into the velvet walls, and he seemed protected by the theater's gargoyles behind him. She … Continue reading Magic Within

Glider Escape

This ending to an imaginary novel is the fourth post of flash fiction week V. I watched him roll down the hill, slow at first but, quickly building up speed. “Come on, faster... faster! If he doesn’t get more speed it will never lift!” I hissed through my teeth. The contraption cobbled together from scrap … Continue reading Glider Escape

The Beginning

This ending to an imaginary novel is the third post of flash fiction week V. “American Airlines flight 1020 is now boarding.”The announcement crackled over the speakers in the waiting lounge. I gave my farewell party a small smile. I’d never have thought, coming to New York over a month ago, to hide from the … Continue reading The Beginning

The End

This ending to an imaginary novel is the second post of flash fiction week V. Evening had closed in. Strains of familiar Irish tunes both held me in the present and sent my thoughts winging far across the ocean and into the past. In their notes was held the memories of my lifetime. The parties … Continue reading The End


This ending to an imaginary novel is the first post of flash fiction week V. I had come this far, so I certainly wasn’t about to turn away. But there was a part of me that wanted to, that knew it was easier to keep things unspoken, hoping that, perhaps, when she saw me we’d … Continue reading Amends

Using an Editor

Editors make the text flow well, we chop out inconsistencies. When you hand a manuscript to an editor, the process can seem like a bit of a black box: Words go in, slightly smoothed-over words come out. When you send a manuscript to a freelance editor, it may seem like you're throwing your book into … Continue reading Using an Editor

The Body Female

This essay is a response to a post in the New York Times' Opinionater blog. It didn't take me more than the first two paragraphs of I Am Not This Body for me to feel both repelled by and compelled. Its title in the New York Times' Opinionator blog had intrigued me, and I clicked it … Continue reading The Body Female