Editor, Audio Tech

I edit books--it's what I do as a professional. But I also am a musician on the side, and, a few times a year, get a job as an audio tech. I'm a professional at these things as well. A career counselor once told me this is called a composite career. A few times a … Continue reading Editor, Audio Tech


Motivated to Show

One of the key rules all writers are taught (or should be taught!) from the beginning is: Show, don’t tell. And it’s definitely one of the keys to solid prose. After beta-reading a friend’s novel, however, I think it needs a small addition to the end: Show, don’t tell... but don’t forget to motivate. We … Continue reading Motivated to Show

English Major Confessions: Editing

I have fond memories from my college years sitting at the student union in a group with our books spread open over the table. We chatted as we took notes and sipped our coffees. Since I was an English major, I’d not use a textbook, but would instead be bent over a novel, using a … Continue reading English Major Confessions: Editing

Drudgery in Fiction

Fiction may be the glamor child of writing, but it too has elements that are, kindly, drudgery. Fortunately, help is at hand: Questions dealing with topics like research and summarizing plots and character information have been asked and answered over on Writers.stackexchange.com, and their answers can help make these chores a bit easier. Writers is … Continue reading Drudgery in Fiction

Daring to Dvorak

I’m writing this article with a Dvorak keyboard layout. It arranges the letters on your keyboard differently, so that “D” becomes“E”, “K” becomes “T”. You can see the layout here. It’s slow, laborious, and my words per minute has dropped from 100 to 2, or thereabouts. To most people, it’s a completely worthless skill to … Continue reading Daring to Dvorak

What Makes a Successful Writer?

My wife, Kimmy, and I spend a lot of time at a small, independent coffee shop in the heart of Busan called Hipster Coffee. We’re the only foreigners who frequent the place, and we’ve come to know the owners on a first name basis. It’s a great little place to spend the afternoon writing, reading, … Continue reading What Makes a Successful Writer?

Skip Day

Today may have to end up being a skip day here on the Nose; I had work to finish, and later in the morning developed a corneal abrasion. Feeling better after a nap, but my eye still hurts. Will try to put up at least a post of interesting links later this evening, but no … Continue reading Skip Day

Writing Improvement Meme

A popular meme for artists is to look back over the work they’ve done over the years, and pull it together to show how they’ve improved. So I thought I’d try the same with my writing. The point of this isn’t to show how I was a literary prodigy at a young age--far from it. … Continue reading Writing Improvement Meme

On Procrastination and Zombies

The beginning of the school year in Korea starts in March, so last week, the daily grind officially began. I did very little. And by “little” I mean I gave every class a near impossible to solve word search. It kept them occupied while I played Plants vs. Zombies on my iPad. Oh yeah, ESL … Continue reading On Procrastination and Zombies

Husband and Wife

The Associated Press recently sent an update to subscribers of its style guide, with the following entry: husband, wife Regardless of sexual orientation, husband or wife is acceptable in all references to individuals in any legally recognized marriage. Spouse or partner may be used if requested. AP is a news organization, and its style guide, … Continue reading Husband and Wife