Medium-Shaped Stories, Part 3 – Books

For the past two weeks, I’ve been examining how stories are told in different mediums; games and film specifically. I’ve saved my favourite for last--books. Most times, I will choose to read as opposed to playing a game, or watching a movie or TV show. I read when I want to do more than consume … Continue reading Medium-Shaped Stories, Part 3 – Books


The Youtube Effect

My mother handed me a book and told me it had been written by a local high school student. I was flabbergasted, impressed even. I come from a town of about nine thousand so someone getting a book published would be a pretty big deal--the town paper had even done a short writeup on him. … Continue reading The Youtube Effect

Track Changes

Anyone who writes or edits books will eventually come across a mention to the Track Changes feature in Word. It's a powerful tool that gets a lot of use on my Mac, and it's worth the price I paid for Office all on its own. I'm going to go over what Track Changes can do, … Continue reading Track Changes

Medium-Shaped Stories, Part 2 – Film

This week, I’m looking at the medium of film. Movies, TV shows, Youtube videos, anything that can be watched by others--how does this provide a different way of storytelling from books and games? The biggest distinguishing feature about film is that it’s all about showing, not telling. Sure, you can have a narrator, to a … Continue reading Medium-Shaped Stories, Part 2 – Film

English Major Confessions: Grammar Nazi

"Oh shit, don't judge me if I don't talk good," she said. We were at a party and had just met. I don't remember her name, but I remember she said it. "Well," I said. "If I don't talk well." I didn't want to let her down. A lot of people have said some variation … Continue reading English Major Confessions: Grammar Nazi

The Message

When people don't respond to emails or phone messages, I assume they have a reason for avoiding me. I'm very lucky that most of my co-workers and associates are very good at returning messages--of any sort--in a timely fashion. But some of my friends don't even look at their email for weeks, even for work-related … Continue reading The Message

Medium-Shaped Stories, Part 1 – Games

One of the things I like best about stories are how flexible they are. They're everywhere, slipping into all the different-shaped cracks or gaps in our lives. Think about it--even when you tell a joke, you're telling a story with a punchline. A knock-knock joke is a mini story about someone knocking on a door. … Continue reading Medium-Shaped Stories, Part 1 – Games

Escaping the Straightjacket

One of my favorite mediums is spoken word. Recently I saw Noah St. John on NPR's Snap Judgment and if you have an extra six minutes, please click that link and watch the video. It makes me get all warm and emotional, like caramel brownies fresh out the oven. When I was in college I … Continue reading Escaping the Straightjacket

Book Review: Behind the Glass (volumes I and II)

Behind the Glass (2000)Behind the Glass: Volume II (2009)by Howard Massey "I don't like options, because they just mean you take more time." When he said this, Michael Bradford was referring to musicians who save every single take, and every single idea they have while recording. This producer and engineer (who's worked with Deep Purple … Continue reading Book Review: Behind the Glass (volumes I and II)

The E-Book Affair

I’ll admit it. I had a love affair. Though it was but a short fling, we had many good times, especially when we travelled together. It led me to discover the joy of long baths and lazy mornings in bed. Yes, for a time, I fell head-over-heels for my e-book reader and was certain I’d … Continue reading The E-Book Affair