Dear Esteemed Friend,

I send you this letter hoping you are in good health.

I am contacting you because your name is on the register of highly respected business people. I have a proposition for you. But first please let me tell you my story.

I am an orphan. My parents both died when I was just a baby, executed by government militia. My family were standing up against the tyranny of a new government that was formed without the will of the people. I was away from the city, my aunt and uncle cared for me while my parents were trying to help the community that had supported them and made them wealthy. They wished to free the people from oppression and rebuild the city so that people may be free to prosper again. Of course the new government also want the wealth of my parents.

In order to decide how we will get the wealth to the people who need it my uncle sent me to go to a friend of my father. He was in great anguish in this decision, because this man wishes me to be like my father and fight for our people. My uncle only wants for me to be safe. However since I left, I have heard news that my aunt and uncle have both perished at the hands of the government militia, and our family home has been burned. This saddens me greatly, for they were the only family I have known. I am currently living with my father’s friend. He is an old man, and I do not know how long he will remain alive.

Now you see my situation. It is very dire. Please read now my proposition.

The wealth of my family is mostly in jewellery and works of art. This is currently stored safely out of the reach of the government. However each day the government could stumble on the place by chance. Also, until we can sell the jewellery and art we cannot use the wealth to stand up against the new government.

For your part I need you to set up a legitimate bank account where I can deposit the money made from the sales. In compensation for your trouble I would ask you take 10% of the money I will deposit there. My father’s friend has said the complete value of the goods are in the hundreds of millions. I hope that you think this is a fair compensation for your work.

There is one small thing we need before we can proceed. Because we are exiled we have very little access to money of any kind. We need to pay to set up the auctions. My father’s friend tells me a thousand is all that is required for all the auctions. Please can you wire us the money so that we can begin the process of freeing our people.

Please reply soon, as we are running out of time. I know I can rely on someone as trustworthy as you.

You are our only hope.

L. Skywalker.

This is the second post of flash fiction week IV. Tomorrow: Leanne Yong.

Matt Ellen is a programmer from the UK. He reads lots of scifi and fantasy and likes to write nonsense, especially in limerick form. See more of his work at sgdi.tumblr.com.


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