Call for submissions: Flash Fiction week IV

The next flash fiction week on the Nose is going to be a little different. Here’s the reason for that: The theme will be epistolary fiction.

The word “epistolary” is generally used to describe a novel told in letters, but stories can be built from any kind of correspondence at all. So it’ll be your job to tell a story in the form of letters, emails, the script for a singing telegram, or whatever else you can dream up. The story can be told through a single letter, or a series of shorter missives.

  • The log for a phone call recorded by the TSA, as excerpted in a blog post? Sure.
  • A love letter written in the author’s blood, on a scroll made from her handkerchief? Sounds creepy, but interesting.
  • A tale told in the comments of a news article? Okay!
  • Tweets and text messages? Well, why not?

The posts will go up from Monday January 21st through Friday January 25th. To participate, get in touch over email or here in the comments.

Neil Fein is a freelance editor who specializes in novels. If you’ve written a manuscript or are getting close to finishing, you can get in touch with him here, and even ask for a free sample edit. He’s fascinated by places where language and music intersect, and he writes music and lyrics as often as possible. He’s also in the studio with his band Baroque & Hungry.


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