Love, Li Na

On Saturday night, I watched an incredibly exciting tennis final. To the itinerant story-chaser in me, it was an absolutely thrilling narrative. If you've been following the Australian Open, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about--if not, let me explain. Victoria Azarenka, the world number 1 in women’s tennis, was up against Li Na, the … Continue reading Love, Li Na


Free the Verse

In college I could often be found in the student union, sipping the black while writing poetry with a ball point pen. In the seven years since graduation, this has continued, only now I use my laptop, and more often than not, I’m writing fiction. But just a few days ago I got out a … Continue reading Free the Verse

Pines Against the Sky

6/2 Mark, I wanted you to know that I'm in St. Louis. (I just drove. This is where the car ended up.) Not feeling as sunny as postcard picture. I'm sorry I ran away. I need some time. I don't recognize the voice in my head anymore. The driving was nice. Very quiet. More later. … Continue reading Pines Against the Sky


Tweets RJ Hayden @RJHayden I can tell you read my tweets, even though you don’t follow me. #justsayingupsterExpand 2 May RJ Hayden @RJHayden In the gazebo where I used to kiss you breathless, I’ve left something for you.Expand 3 May Scott @ScottyBoy79 What? Dude u never kissed me breathless!Expand 3 May RJ Hayden @RJHayden Only … Continue reading Following

Mass Confusion

A small selection of emails from one particular incident. From: To: Timesheet.Mailing.List Subject: Timesheet Help Hi, I hope this is the right list. I’m having trouble with the spreadsheet I’m using to fill in my work hours. Can you please help? Thanks, John *** From: To:, Timesheet.Mailing.List Subject: RE: Timesheet Help I’m … Continue reading Mass Confusion


Dear Esteemed Friend, I send you this letter hoping you are in good health. I am contacting you because your name is on the register of highly respected business people. I have a proposition for you. But first please let me tell you my story. I am an orphan. My parents both died when I … Continue reading 419

August 1941

August 1941 My Dearest Martha, I wanted to find some letterhead but Fitzsimmons took the last one and said I didn’t deserve it because he beat me in darts last week. Anyway, I wanted to write to you one last time while I was still on American soil. It’s been quite a dreary couple of … Continue reading August 1941

Practical Writing: The Three-Way Slice

I wrote a novel for National Novel Writing Month this year, the first novel I have ever written. I am in the process of revising it to make it suitable for public consumption. As I've been revising, I've noticed an unevenness in my writing style, and I have developed an experimental method for ironing out these … Continue reading Practical Writing: The Three-Way Slice

Beating the Bug

The virus that’s infected my heart is well hidden. Its tendrils of malicious code twine surreptitiously through my deepest emotions and desires. Most of the time, I can forget that it’s there. I can laugh and smile, be brave and bold, and no one, not even I, will believe that it exists. As it rampages … Continue reading Beating the Bug

Time for Another Revolution

Sure, call it bragging, but I graduated summa cum laude with the top (or damn close to it) grade in the English Department. (Albeit in my small university.) The year I was inducted into Sigma Tau Delta I was its Vice President and the following year I was the President. I made the Dean's List every semester and … Continue reading Time for Another Revolution