The holidays are a good time of year to remember that change can be good. It's been a bit of a mediocre year in this run-down world of ours, but it's been a good year for the Nose: We lost two writers, but we gained two more. And, except for one late post, we've been … Continue reading Vacation


Censoring Cigarettes

"Did you hear what happened in America?" I asked. "No," Eunha replied. She's a fourteen year old, exceptionally brilliant girl whose fluency in English can largely be attributed to her time spent in India. "What happened?" I didn't want to tell her about the violence at Sandy Hook Elementary, so I told her, "Don't worry … Continue reading Censoring Cigarettes

How I Wrote a Novel in 30 Days

Last month, I got suckered into writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month by the process itself--the sticky web of writing--but I can't complain about the residue. The exercise led to big breakthroughs for me as a writer. The most exciting one was that I wrote a novel, so even in its rough state, … Continue reading How I Wrote a Novel in 30 Days

A Girl Worth Fighting For

This past weekend, I found a little girl amidst a zombie apocalypse. I took her with me and protected her—not only against the hordes of ravening zombies out to devour all remaining humans, but also against the remaining humans out to devour her trust and innocence. I chose not to kill people who deserved it, … Continue reading A Girl Worth Fighting For

Combatting the Cold

December for me means snow, falling and resting on the ground, the sidewalk. It means gloves warm enough to brush it off my car and then touch the frozen steering wheel to guide myself to work. It means the cuffs of my pants frosted in white as I come inside from the cold. But in … Continue reading Combatting the Cold

What I Learned in November

I wrote a novel in November. It was an accident. Friends have talked about National Novel Writing Month for years. This year, my plan was to not do it, again. I didn't have time.  But I wanted to go through the preparations and see what 1667 words a day felt like, so I would know … Continue reading What I Learned in November

Always Connected

It took a lot of rain, a late night at work and an unreliable bus schedule to make me realise how much I rely on mobile phones. It had been a long day, and my smartphone’s battery was already at critically low levels when I left work. Because, you know, what kind of person brings … Continue reading Always Connected

Alas, Chocolate Funeral

We worked in our university's commissary, regularly skinning fifty pounds of potatoes and slicing eighty pounds of onions and doing all sorts of extremely mundane tasks. She was Russian and very serious and never took a liking to my feeble attempts at making our job slightly more enjoyable. She was not impressed by my singing … Continue reading Alas, Chocolate Funeral

Epistolary Flash Fiction: Week IV

Our next short fiction event will be a little different than the general fiction of previous weeks. The theme will be letters. (Emails or other messages are fine.) The piece can be one long letter or a thread of shorter messages; the format is up to the writer. The only other requirements are the length … Continue reading Epistolary Flash Fiction: Week IV

Dear Magnificent Nose Readers

One of the joys I’ve discovered lately is receiving letters. I’m not talking about bills or ‘personalised’ notes from politicians up for re-election. No, I’m talking about opening the flap of that mailbox and seeing real, honest-to-goodness letters from people who actually know you. I’m talking about seeing a decorative envelope that has your name … Continue reading Dear Magnificent Nose Readers