Prompted to Write

We’ll be having another flash fiction week next year in January; details to follow soon. In the meantime, have a look at Ceil Kessler’s new blog: Flash Fiction Stories.

This is a blog for people who love flash fiction stories, and those who love to write flash fiction stories. I’ll be publishing regular writing prompts, as well as information about writing contests and fresh flash fiction!

Also, over at Perfect Whole, Julie Goldberg writes about trying to write during the blackout from Superstorm Sandy:

My children and I watched gigantic flashes from the window on Monday night, thinking they were lightning, wondering why some flashes were white and others were green, blue, or orange. I learned later that the colored lightning was not lightning at all, but electrical transformers exploding all over the county. Not having the Internet, we looked “transformer” up in the dictionary, but remained mystified. So much of the underpinnings of our lives are a mystery we only question when its smooth workings are disrupted.

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving in the US had a great holiday yesterday. have a great weekend!

Neil Fein is a freelance editor who specializes in novels. If you’ve written a manuscript or are getting close to finishing, you can get in touch with him here, and even ask for a free sample edit. He also plays acoustic guitar in the band Baroque & Hungry. He writes music and lyrics as often as possible, which is not often enough to suit him.


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