Their feet were pounding as fast as they could manage. The two of them were laughing as they ran, twisting though the alleys of the adjoining cul-de-sacs. “This is your fault!” yelled Bill.

“What?” cried Jim. “You came up with the idea!”

They paused around the corner, hiding, panting, shushing each other, listening out for the other boys. They could hear voices in the distance, and feet going off in the wrong direction. Their breathing caught. They stepped out of hiding and started walking towards Jim’s house.

“They’ll kill us if they catch us,” said Jim.

“We can outrun them. Once we’re at your house, they can’t get us anyway.”

“I don’t know why I keep listening to you, Bill.”

“Cos we have the best fun when you do!”

The two of them fell about laughing.

“The look on Fatty’s face when you got him!” exclaimed Jim, contorting his face into a comical shape.

“Yeah, or Nick’s face!” Bill pulled a face back at Jim.

The two of them carried on walking down the street, in high spirits. Suddenly, from behind a tree, a larger boy setpped into their path, hefting a sizable water balloon.

“Run for it!” Yelled Bill.

But as the two of them turned, they were confronted by Nick, bearing down on them, water balloon in hand. Bill turned back to face Fatty, Jim kept his eyes on Nick. Fatty and Nick were trying to look serious, but were still dripping from their soaking earlier.

“Gotcha!” Fatty shouted, gleefully. “Thought you’d try and trick us, Bill? ‘We’ll use these balloon on the girls,'” he said, in a mocking tone. “Oh yeah, you got us good. You and your sidekick.” He nodded towards Jim. “You left us with two balloons, idiot!”

Fatty and Nick circled the boys, threatening them with the balloons, laughing as they flinched.

“It was just a joke, Fatty,” said Bill.

At that moment Fatty and Nick let fly with their balloons. They exploded spectacularly on impact, thoroughly drenching Jim and Bill.

“Joke’s on you two!” laughed Fatty.

Nick was stood opposite, in hysterics. Then Jim and Bill joined in.

“Let’s get back to yours, Jim,” suggested Bill, after the laughter had died down.

“Yeah, you got any icecreams?” asked Nick.

“Man, my mum’s gonna kill me when she sees how wet I am,” said Jim, as they all started walking off.

“You’ve always been a bit wet, Jimbo,” Fatty jibed.

This is the fourth post of flash fiction week III. Tomorrow: Kit Fox.

Matt Ellen is a programmer from the UK. He reads lots of scifi and fantasy and likes to write nonsense, especially in limerick form. See more of his work at


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