Mining for Stories

Courtesy of my work, I’ve just spent the past month doing the grand tour of Queensland mine sites. A week typically starts like this: Monday morning, wake up at 4:30am, struggle upright, race for the taxi, race for the gate and board the plane, conk out until arrival, drive through the desolate outback hoping not … Continue reading Mining for Stories


Word Count and Coffee

The cold air of November comes more gradually in Busan than in my native Iowa. Back home, they’ve just had their first snow, but here we’ve got 60s and 70s on the forecast. But as the sun’s skyward trip shortens, the chill comes, and nothing fights it quite like a cup of coffee. In past … Continue reading Word Count and Coffee

Little Bunny’s Planet

Jenny shrugged off her jacket and dropped her bookbag next to the kitchen table before she stoked the fire. As she opened a cupboard and braced her hands to boost herself onto the counter, her father came in from outside. "Hey, Rabbit," he said, restraining her with one hand and reaching up to the top shelf … Continue reading Little Bunny’s Planet


Their feet were pounding as fast as they could manage. The two of them were laughing as they ran, twisting though the alleys of the adjoining cul-de-sacs. "This is your fault!" yelled Bill. "What?" cried Jim. "You came up with the idea!" They paused around the corner, hiding, panting, shushing each other, listening out for … Continue reading Soaked


"People don't do this, you know," Henry complained. I paid for his Big Mac, fries, and milkshake, and coffee for me. "How would you prefer to do it? Tell me. I'll do it your way." We sat at a table near the window. "What is this bullshit, Rob? We've been on this trip together since, … Continue reading Unfriended

How Hipsters Make Friends

We all smile even though we're sad. That's how it is. We mask it and hide it, but it's sort of beautiful, you know. Being sad. I got this tattoo under my left breast that says, "I'm sorry I failed you" because that's how I feel most of the time. I guess it's an apology … Continue reading How Hipsters Make Friends

Tabetha’s World

Perhaps she was a narcissist, but Tabetha rather enjoyed her own company. Friends were simply another, messier aspect of life that had to be carefully tended to and given a considerable amount of time and attention. Besides, if she was feeling uncharacteristically melancholy, she could always reach into some hitherto unexplored corner of her mind … Continue reading Tabetha’s World

Renaissance Stories

In which I explain my newly-found attachment to renaissance faires to an imaginary audience. There's a story lodged in your head? You're lucky to have such a powerful thing. Renaissance faires--enthusiastically--represent a history that never happened. People don't study up to attend a faire. They absorb the lingo and the manners of behavior through osmosis. … Continue reading Renaissance Stories

Oh, the Humanity!

JK Rowling has repeatedly said in interviews that the character of Harry Potter "strolled into my head, on a train journey... very fully formed." It has given hope to millions of aspiring authors that they, too, can find their characters as easily as that. One day, a person with a unique personality and a unique … Continue reading Oh, the Humanity!

Kicking It Up a Notch

Saturdays were early waking days for me in middle school. It was a force of habit, yes, but I also liked to watch TV and, my favorite, make an absolute mess out of the kitchen. I first learned how to make scrambled eggs and after I mastered that, I moved on to pancakes. I had … Continue reading Kicking It Up a Notch