Five Hundred: Flash Fiction week II

When I started working as a freelance editor, I knew that freelance work comes and goes, and that there would be dry spells–at least, in the beginning. I know myself well enough to plan for this: When I’m not actively editing something, I tend to forget about editing entirely.

So I started this site, and designed it so I’d be editing every week no matter what. The site isn’t so much work that it’s a problem when I am truly busy. 500 word essays are a very, very small addition to the pile of words to be edited, and they can be a nice break from a novel or a book. But the posts here on the site are just enough editing work to keep me in practice during the lean times.

Of course, the objective of all this is to generate books, and I found the idea of a flash fiction week absolutely irresistible. So Flash Fiction Week II will be this coming week.

  • Theme: Loss of communication
  • Length: No more than 500 words (folks thought that the 300 word limit was a little tight last time)

Current Nose writers Steven E. Athay and Leanne Yong are planning to contribute, as is former columnist Ceil Kessler.

The schedule is a little sparse compared to last time, so there’s still time to contribute; get in touch if you want to do a story. (There’s a “Contact” link in the site header.)

Neil Fein is a freelance editor who specializes in novels. If you’ve written a manuscript or are getting close to finishing, you can get in touch with him here, and even ask for a free sample edit. He rides his bicycle as much as he can, and he paints when he damn well feels like it. He also plays acoustic guitar in the bands Baroque & Hungry, and The Trouvères.


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