Melancholy Harmony

I always saw Simon and Garfunkel's albums as boomy, echoing voices from the past, their clear harmonies telling me stories of the inevitable loneliness and alienation I'd soon experience as a young man. I would sit on the floor of my room and listen to the cassette tape of "The Concert in Central Park" over … Continue reading Melancholy Harmony


In A Manner of Reading…

Everyone has their own writing styles. You have the people who like to plan everything out, and those who like to make things up as they go along. There are those who spend a lot of time on the world mythos and geography, and those who only create what they need, preferring to focus on … Continue reading In A Manner of Reading…

Dirty Little Secret

Working at Borders, I often had to censor my true opinions regarding certain books. Well, I suppose it wasn't censoring so much as it was tolerating enthusiasm for what I felt was a novel worthy of the trash can. Obvious titles come to mind, such as Twilight, the Anita Blake series, and pretty much everything in … Continue reading Dirty Little Secret

Book Review: Imagine That

A book review of Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer Reviewer's Note: Much news has been released in recent weeks about the fabricated quotes present in Imagine. However damaging this may be, the meat of the book appears to still be intact. It is currently out of print due to these issues, but a … Continue reading Book Review: Imagine That

To Canberra, With Love

The time has come--I am leaving the city that has been my home for over three years now. Canberra is a capital city, and, relatively speaking, a small town--one with many jobs, the reason why most people move here, myself included. But no matter how we struggle against it, things cannot remain the same forever. … Continue reading To Canberra, With Love

The Crane Game

Back in the golden days of my health and virility (I am, of course, speaking about college), I was lucky enough to have a weekly column in our school paper which allowed me to spout all sorts of nonsense. Reading those old pieces of prose often elicits a sickening pinch in my chest due to … Continue reading The Crane Game

Riding a New Road Again

A book review of American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition, by Neil Gaiman Where I read a book affects how I see it, and, ironically enough, I read this one on an airplane. Air travel is one of the few places where I get hours of uninterrupted reading time. However, I read the last pages … Continue reading Riding a New Road Again

Riding the Same Road Again

When I see a road for the very first time, I feel a little thrill of discovery. My home street, the roads to work, to the store; these are boring. But what about roads that are only a little familiar? Places I've seen before... somewhere? I used to take the train to work, a ride … Continue reading Riding the Same Road Again


The chemical scent of ink always makes me imagine white sterilized rooms with a palm plant sitting in the corner. I'm not sure why this is, but I assume it has something to do with my tattoos. While little pools of ink sit in a tray waiting for injection into my body, its pungent aroma … Continue reading Ink

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

The other day, I went on a trip to the coast with my friend. We had no particular plan, the only constraint being the town where we were to stay the night. My goal, when driving, is to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. The travelling itself is a means … Continue reading Not All Who Wander Are Lost