The Nose’s Summer Schedule

Beloved readers, you’ve probably noticed some new faces posting on the site. Please bear with us while we cultivate new writers and work on our new schedule. I’ll try to have a regular posting schedule firmed up by the end of the summer, with regular weekly features.

For now, here’s what the week will look like here:

Anyone who’s done a guest post in the past, if you’d like to come forward again, please get in touch. Now’s a great time to experiment!

If you’re interested in doing book or music reviews, let me know; I’d like to have one day a week be a regular day for reviews, particularly a “recommended” column. I’d prefer to avoid bashing terrible stuff (Amazon reviews do that very well already), and pieces about exceptional small press books or indie music would be particularly wonderful. Perhaps this could be by a rotating group of writers, so no single person has to do it every single week.


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