A quick note about ads on this site

Magnificent Nose is participating in the WordAds program on a trial basis. WordAds is an attempt by WordPress to allow blogs to get revenue from advertising, similar to Google Adsense but more tailored to WordPress blogs. While this site likely won’t see much in the way of revenue due to relatively low traffic, we hope that will change over time. However, if you think the ads are objectionable or an eyesore, or if you haven’t even noticed them, please let us know.


6 thoughts on “A quick note about ads on this site

  1. I haven’t noticed them and even if I had they would not bother me. Revenue is a good thing. Do you publish your blog on social media? Every blog I post is automatically published to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; and slowly I am seeing an increase in traffic. You have a great blog — I’ve said that many times — you should get it out there. It deserves traffic (sorry, I have, after all, spent much of my career in advertising).

  2. I run Firefox 12 with an AdBlock Plus so I don’t have to see any ads at all. The current number of users is 4,243,905. I also purchased an Ads-Off upgrade to keep advertising off my blog.

    1. > I also purchased an Ads-Off upgrade to keep advertising off my blog.

      Thanks for the information, but I’ve applied to this program quite intentionally. I’m not trying to keep ads away, but I consider it important that it be tasteful and not too obtrusive; avoiding a mass exodus of readers because of obnoxious ads plastered everywhere would not be a good thing at all.

      I mean this in a general sense, and I’m not berating you specifically, but the AdBlock attitude seems to make the assumption that web content is created by elves, and that you, as a reader, deserve to see it ad-free. When AdBlock does its thing, does that mean the site has lost an advertising impression, and therefore revenue? Or does it simply mean that AdBlock is “seeing” the ad and sending a false impression to the server? You can turn a phrase, that much is obvious. You should know that good writing is a lot of work. Don’t writers deserve to be compensated for that, even if in a small way?

      With sites that are plastered with tasteless ads everywhere, I can understand using a program like this. However, I’ve solved the problem by simply not visiting sites like this. You might want to consider doing the same.

      Smaller sites trying to get a little bit of income by running a few ads are a different story. I don’t expect to see a lot of income from Magnificent Nose just yet, but what we do get will be shared with the hardworking writers who provide the articles here.

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