Two Portraits

This is a bonus post, to share some good writing. Regular articles will continue tomorrow.

When we went on vacation to Florida in 2008, I remember looking at the Overseas Highway that links the Keys together and thinking that it would be truly suicidal to cycle there. Jeff Armin apparently disagrees.

He’s currently crossing the U.S. on his bicycle (which happens to be the same model as mine, a Novara Randonee). This journal is just one of many U.S. cross-country tour stories, but when I noticed that he was riding up the skinny shoulder along the Overseas Highway, he had my attention. Jeff is a wonderful writer, and makes the people he meets come alive in his journal. He’s also a wonderful photographer, and manages to make each scene he rides through look like a still-life tableau, one carefully set up just for him. His America is a series of tableaus, or sketches. He has my full attention for the rest of his journey.

Julie Goldberg wrote for this site once, and I hope she’s able to again one day. Until then, I’ll have to be content with Perfect Whole, her too-seldom updated, excruciatingly well-crafted blog.

She’s very good at setting up a story gradually and colorfully. Her latest piece, “The Turret”, is a portrait of how the requirements of job and family prevent a writer from producing their art. She asked me to read it some months ago, and I’ve been waiting impatiently for her to publish it so I can share this link.

Enjoy! Stay tuned for Wednesday’s article by Sara Goas.


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