Memorial day links

I’m giving myself today off, since it’s Memorial Day here in the US, but never fear, the Nose won’t let you down! Here are some articles I quite liked over the past few weeks:

  • Don’t Click Here: The Art of Hyperlinking, by Jeff Atwood
    People, it’s 2011, and your readers know how a link works. There’s no need to use the words “click here” anywhere. Great article on how to use hyperlinks on the web.

  • The Rise of “Logical Punctuation”., by Ben Yagoda
    I’m an editor, and I love language, but from the title, this article sounds horribly dull. I gave it a chance, because it’s at, and found it’s well-written and makes some very good points:
    For at least two centuries, it has been standard practice in the United States to place commas and periods inside of quotation marks. This rule still holds for professionally edited prose […]. But in copy-editor-free zones—the Web and emails, student papers, business memos—with increasing frequency, commas and periods find themselves on the outside of quotation marks, looking in. A punctuation paradigm is shifting.

  • Guitar Tuning Nightmares Explained, by Jack Endino
    Anyone who’s played any musical instrument for any period of time will eventually realize that it’s impossible to get one perfectly in tune, all the time, on every note. After reading this, I never want to tune a guitar ever again, but it’s extremely worthwhile reading for all musicians, even ones who will never enter a recording studio:
    As a guy who’s been recording guitar bands for 14 years now, I have to admit to a problem: I have painfully accurate awareness of tuning. This means I hear tuning discrepancies some people might not notice consciously; other people might just feel slightly uncomfortable without knowing why. Many of us who are engineer/producers have this blessing/curse. As a wee lad, I would turn on the radio and find myself thinking “Wow… Hendrix is out of tune there!” or “Rod Stewart’s way sharp on this whole song” or “Why is that organ part so out of tune with the guitars?” And some classical orchestra music drives me nuts for this reason. Yup, a curse.

Enjoy, and have an outstanding holiday! If you did anything particularly noteworthy on Memorial Day, tell us about it in the comments.


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