Memorial day links

I’m giving myself today off, since it’s Memorial Day here in the US, but never fear, the Nose won’t let you down! Here are some articles I quite liked over the past few weeks: Don’t Click Here: The Art of Hyperlinking, by Jeff Atwood People, it’s 2011, and your readers know how a link works. … Continue reading Memorial day links


How to maintain your bike (and spend as little time doing it as possible)

Now that the nicer weather has deigned to return to those of us in the northern hemisphere, I’m seeing more people riding their bicycles, many of them equipped with rusted chains and ill-attached baskets. As you rattle across the pothole-filled roads, consider doing some maintenance on that old clunker. Seriously, it’s not that hard, and … Continue reading How to maintain your bike (and spend as little time doing it as possible)

An Economy of Style

I always felt a little bit disappointed by American editions of British books. It seems silly for Arthur Dent to mention needing a flashlight, and I’m always a bit embarrassed by “localized” editions of Gulliver’s Travels. Do the publishing companies feel that Americans are going to be put off by superfluous vowels and different styles … Continue reading An Economy of Style

Ask Ceil – This Is The End

Dear Ceil, Why is the space shuttle being retired? We’re gonna be a third-rate nation that can’t put a man into orbit! Frustrated in Florida Dear Frustrated, There are two space shuttles that are currently able to launch into orbit. The space shuttle Endeavour has been flying since 1992, which makes it 19 years old. … Continue reading Ask Ceil – This Is The End

Editing Project Soundtrack: “Credit Crunched”

I’ve always loved having music playing while I’m working, finding the right music to be an aid to concentration and focus. Unfortunately, I’m picky about music selection and sound quality, and I end up fiddling with the volume and selecting the proper tracks. Some albums are helpful when working, others can be distracting, and babysitting … Continue reading Editing Project Soundtrack: “Credit Crunched”

I Can’t Believe You’re Throwing Out Books!

I am a librarian but no longer a bibliophile. Throwing out thousands of books in three libraries over the past nine years has cured me of bibliophilia, though nothing on this side of mortality can ever release me from my thralldom to stories, to the written word, to the English language in all its bastardized … Continue reading I Can’t Believe You’re Throwing Out Books!

Ask Ceil – Location, Location

Dear Ceil, Kansas is a wonderful state, filled with great people! It really burns me up when people talk about it like it’s filled with nothing but middle-America hicks, and your post two weeks ago didn’t help this. How do I respond to people who say Kansas doesn’t matter? —Chagrined in Wichita Dear Chagrined, I … Continue reading Ask Ceil – Location, Location

How does music get recorded?

Spider Robinson once wrote that we live in an amazing time, when the reproduction of music—with perfect fidelity—is possible. Well, it’s possible, but it’s a hell of a lot of work. I was riding back from rehearsal this afternoon, when it occurred to me that a lot of what goes on in the studio is, … Continue reading How does music get recorded?


The work of Kurt Vonnegut is, along with the writing of Mark Twain and the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, some of the most profound art ever created. One reason I’m writing this: I started thinking about ol’ Kurt recently, when I realized that he’s one of a very few writers that instilled in me … Continue reading Listen

Sidekick and Other Songs

Singer-songwriter Hello, the Future! is now taking pre-orders for her upcoming EP, “Sidekick and Other Songs”. This is very exciting; having heard the music, I can safely say that the songs are not only very good as music but they’re witty, funny, and infectious. Those of you who saw Blue play at her last New … Continue reading Sidekick and Other Songs