Friday links

Sorry folks, Ask Ceil will be back next week; Ceil had to take this Friday off. By way of encouraging her to make up for lost time, We’ve set up a special page where you can send in your questions:

Coming soon: Another column from Martha, also a review of my new Macbook Pro and the tale of how it survived its first recording session. (If the Macbook craps out on me, you’ll get an article about baby seals singing. Or maybe punctuation and spelling on public Facebook posts. We haven’t decided yet. —ed.)

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Please read and enjoy these links provided by the nosy editor; he feels guilty at being caught without a proper backup post.

  • Mind vs. Machine, by Brian Christian

    The Turing Test is an old, originally theoretical challenge to evaluate computer intelligence. Simplified, you put someone in a room with a screen and a keyboard, and they have a conversation with either a computer program or a human being they’re not told which one; if the judge can’t tell if they’re talking to a human or a computer, the computer passes the test. It’s 2011, and chatbots are getting more sophisticated, this test is performed every year. In this article, the author is determined to take home the Most Human Award.

  • Not Exactly Rocket Science, by Ed Yong

    This chart on the Discover Magazine blogs graphs the writer’s enjoyment at various stages of the writing process. Check out the Bad Astronomy blog while you’re over there as well.


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