“And now for something completely baroque…”

Having played mostly rock music my entire life, it’s a bit of a surprise to find myself in a duo playing baroque music. Songs like Butterfly and Scottishe and Minuet #14 are, surprisingly, fairly simply structured.

Matt DeBlass and I have been rehearsing; we even started cutting a demo before my Mac died. We’re going to be playing a dry-run set (read: rehearsing in public) at Nighthawk Books, on Thursday April 21st at noon. Those of you who aren’t working then, please do stop by. The store is at 212 Raritan Avenue in Highland Park, NJ. They have good coffee, and we’d appreciate an audience.

Not content with just a dry run of the music, we’ll also be hauling our instruments there on our bikes. Granted, this isn’t much of an accomplishment with the mandolin!

Mandolin in a Basket

This will be a light test; on a longer trip, we’d be carrying a PA, water, a change of clothing, and food. (That last is a tricky thing for an observent Jew on Passover, although I’ve toured on Passover before.) If we ever have to haul Matt’s harp along on future trips, that’ll be a real test!


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