Looking for Nosy Writers

Magnificent Nose is looking for writers! (You can read on, or just skip ahead to the application.)

We’ve had guest posts from Martha, and now one from Grazina, and based on the number of hits I’m seeing, people seem to like those posts. Maybe it’s because the writing style gets switched around, or because there’s a change of topics.

Magnificent Nose isn’t a high-profile blog — yet — but as the Nosy Editor and the scheduler, I’d like to make the site more varied, and I’d like it to update more often. This site isn’t trendy, it isn’t a reblogging or links site; it’s a place you can come to find good writing.

You may have some questions:

What would the Nose need me to deliver?

  • Well-written, interesting articles of (very roughly) 500 to 800 words, delivered regularly. It would help if you can write about stuff we don’t cover well. For instance: I write about music and bicycles, with the occasional book review; Martha tends to wrote about training (and also reviews books); while Grazina doesn’t really have the time to be a regular contributor (although I hope that will change), based on topics she has in the works, she’s interested in people, sociology, and history.

What would I get out of it?

  • Not money, I’m sorry to say, although I sincerely hope that will change soon; I have hopes and plans for Magnificent Nose. What you will get is an editor who will go through your drafts, and format your posts to the site’s style sheet. In other words, all you have to do is write and we’ll take care of the fiddly stuff. You get to point to your posts here as evidence you can write well and meet deadlines.

I want to start my own blog, why should I contribute to the Nose?

  • Because we already have a small but steadily growing audience. (I’ll discuss numbers with you privately if you like.)

How often will you need articles from me?

  • I’d start a new writer out with a once-a-week schedule, and we can go from there. The site is currently updated three times a week. I’d like it to update every day, even multiple times a day, but I don’t have the time to write articles more often than that and still maintain any kind of quality.

Why are you calling blog posts “articles”?

  • Because words have power. While blogs have come a long way since the 90’s, the word “post” still makes me think of dull writing riddled with typos, bad grammar. Article makes me think of publications like Wired, The Atlantic, or Slate, where the writing is good, well-edited, and it’s hard to tear yourself away from the page.

Okay, you’ve sold me; how do I apply?

  • Right here, I’ve set up a short page to apply.

Apply now!

Please pass along a link to this page on Facebook, Twitter, email to any writers you know; reblog it, or even give it a thumbs-up on StumbleUpon.


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