Guitar Questions

In addition to the Bicycles site I’ve written about, I’ve spent some time on the Guitars Stack Exchange Q&A site. Here are some of the more interesting questions there:

This one is very cool, not so much because it’s my question, but mostly because of the answer with the neat explanation of why 12-string guitars have a tinnier sound than their 6-string siblings:

12-string acoustic – how do nut and saddle materials affect tone?
I’m doing some work on a 12-string acoustic guitar, and am planning to replace the nut and saddle. I need to raise the action a little bit for the E and B strings, and also want to change to a slightly heavier gauge, so I’ll need a nut with slightly wider slots; the low E string doesn’t quite fit in the slot as it is, and heavier strings will make this problem worse. How much does nut and saddle selection affect tone?

Here’s a question I wondered about quite a bit when learning how to play:

Why is the guitar tuned like it is?
Why is there that funny tuning kink between the G and B string on a guitar in standard tuning? I.e., the (musical) gap between the rest of the adjoining strings is 5 frets (or a perfect fourth), but the gap between the G and B string is only 4 frets (or a major third). Why is that? I understand that other string instruments have the same gap between all of their strings.

This question comes to me several years too late, after I tried to remove my Peavey T-40’s frets and instead ended up making the neck too narrow:

How do I go about de-fretting a bass guitar?
I would like a fretless bass guitar, and I am considering giving an old bass a new lease on life as a fretless instrument. I would like to know how to go about achieving this at home, by myself, to as high a standard as possible, for as little cost as possible.

Questions edited for clarity and brevity. Enjoy!


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