The 12-String Bluebird

I bought a guitar in a parking lot eleven years ago. I had seen an ad in the company paper offering a 12-string acoustic guitar for $200, and it turned out to be a great-sounding instrument. The guitar says “Blueridge” on the headstock, and no other player or dealer I spoke to then had even heard of the company.

After some digging on the net, all I found on them is that they’re an importer of Asian guitars. More recently, I found that Lonehand and Folk of the Wood have pages on the brand, and Elderly music is selling guitars with the name “Blueridge”. But I still can’t ID the model of my guitar.


Shortly after buying the guitar, I did some work: I added a Fishman rare earth pickup, routing the connector to an endpin jack; in 2004, I replaced the open-gear with sealed Grovers when it was dropping out of tune too often; I replaced the nut, bridge, and endpins with black faux ebony/bone polywhatever material from GraphTech to make the guitar’s tone less tinny.

Rare Earth

The guitar still drops out of tune too often, unfortunately. While the sound is still tinny, it’s much richer and deeper than it was in the parking lot. Unfortunately, it still won’t stay in tune. You may be able to see the thin layer of dust on the first photo on this page; the guitar mostly sits in its case, rarely feeling fingers on its fretboard.

Most of my guitars get the pronoun “her”, but not this one. At least I have a great story about the guitar I bought in a parking lot.


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