Old links roulette, circa 2003

I’m going through files from my old websites, to see what I need to keep and what I can toss; I found the “links.html” page from the days before social bookmarking. All sites used to have one of these hand-crafted pages, how quaint!

Over half of these links lead to sites that are either woefully out of date, or are simply gone; some of my comments are so dated that they’re vaguely amusing — Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, did you know that? A few sites are still around and have changed in one way or another. Of interest:

Comics and webcomics:

Schlock Mercenary, science-fiction webcomic. “My current fave webcomic, by Howard Tayler. Hard SF webcomic, updated daily. Great characters, and funny. Still waiting for the first reprint book…” What’s going on now: Mr. Tayler has been updating every single day on-time for over ten years. That’s amazingly impressive. What’s even more impressive: The writing has gotten better, slowly, deliberately, and on a profoundly character-based level. This is no longer quite my favorite webcomic – Something Positive and Questionable Content are fighting it out for that spot — but Schlock is still one of the four or five webcomics I love.

Other webcomics I linked to are still around: Something Positive is still going strong, Derek Kirk Kim’s site Lowbright is still there, and Scott McCloud’s site still has a lot of comics on it (although he still hasn’t finished The Right Number, unfortunately).

The Planetary Comic Appreciation Page is still there, and still the most complete analysis of Ellis’s long-form comic I’m aware of.


I use Bookmooch intermittently. It’s a book trading site, and a pretty good one. Unfortunately, it’s grown so popular that you need to be extremely quick to actually get any books; very often, I’ll get a notification that book X on my wish-list is available, but someone will have gotten to it before I can request the volume.


That Neil Gaiman is still blogging after ten years is quite impressive.

Not My Desk: “It’s back! Christopher Livingston has been writing essays about his temp jobs, his life, and his neuroses for some years now.” What’s going on now: The site seems to have been brought back in early 2010, updated for a few months, then abandoned again. The early posts are still up, though.


The 1st Sundays short film festival is still around, but they’re now called Iron Mule. They show short comedy films once a month in a small theater in lower Manhattan.

Words Pictures Movies is no longer a producer of only small films, they’ve finished a feature. (It’s quite excellent, I’ve seen it.)

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


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