Hello, The Future!

Blue of Hello, The Future! was the final act on our stage at the Wicked Winter renaissance festival this weekend. She was the simplest music setup we had all that day: one vocal microphone, and another for her guitar. She’d really benefit from getting a wireless setup, though; she’s the kind of musician who interacts extensively with the audience, making it a huge part of her act. I can picture her walking up and down aisles and singing her songs.

I warmed to her act immediately; she had 10 minutes to kill before stage time, and she started idly strumming Science is Real. She’s nearing the end of a song-a-week project; you can go to her site and find songs by topic, including LARPing, dinosaurs, robots, and even webcomics. I Wish I Were A Questionable Content Girl is my favorite of the songs she played. (The comic is a favorite of mine, and it’s always a kick to meet people in real life who like it.)

Blue smiling

Her attitude is infectious — you can’t help but enjoy her songs. She seems so happy to be playing music for people, that it’s impossible to not listen to her play and smile at what one hears.

Blue singing

There were a lot of great acts at the Faire this year, including The Slomski Brothers (who had me in tears with laughter), David W. Jacobsen, Matt DeBlass, and A Halo Called Fred (who, impressively, had their earlier set shut down by the police); but Hello, The Future! was a perfect ending to the faire. She’s geeky, fun, and passionate, and I hope to see her play again.


4 thoughts on “Hello, The Future!

  1. STUPID question: which one of the mics in the picture is the SM57?

    I’ve been advised to buy one of those…

    My album, which I recorded myself (you can totally tell) was put together on a Blue Snowball. I got a M-Audio Producer for Christmas, which Amazon says is equivalent to the SM57, but… is it????

    And thanks for the post! It was superfun to play Wicked Faire!

    1. I’ve actually never worked with a Blue Ball. I have some M-Audio gear, and it’s quite good. At home, I use Garageband on an aging iMac G5.

      The SM-57 is the one pointing at the guitar, and the SM-58 is the mic you were singing at. (There was quite a bit of bleed, both mics picking up both, but separate mics at least lets me EQ both sounds differently.) They’re actually more or less the same mic, but the SM-58 has a round windscreen that’s more appropriate for vocals, and the SM-57 is more directional; you need to get right in front of it for optimal sound.

      You can never go wrong having a 57 or maybe two. They’re built like tanks and are incredibly versatile.

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