Magnificent Questions

These are my favorite questions on the Bicycles site since my last post about this. Let’s start with a question appropriate to winter riding.

How should I clean salt out during winters?
[When] should you do something to your salted chains? When the chains already look rusty, can you use water to clean the dirt out and then oil as a lubricant or better to throw rusty chains to dustbin? So how to maintain chains in good condition during winter?

This next post links to a 2010 study that knocks down some of my preconceptions, suggesting that reflective clothing may not be as effective as cyclists think. It also indicates some measures that may be more helpful.

Is fluorescent clothing effective?
I read recently that fluorescent clothing was not effective at all at night. If this is the case, how effective is it during the day, and should I stop buying tops that are fluorescent to use on my daily commute?



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