Keeping idiocy off the web since this past summer.

As a followup to my earlier post about the Bicycles Q&A site at, I’ve excerpted some of the more interesting questions the site has had in the last several weeks.

Instead of the chit-chat and noise and idiocy of a typical web forum, the Stack Exchange network of sites is trying to make the web better. Answers to the posted questions are voted on by the community, and the best answers “rise to the top”, as they put it; what it really means is that the less helpful answers tend to sink to the bottom of the page. While there are exceptions, the system really works! Click on the question titles below to get to the site.

I don’t own or carry a weapon, but I think this is one of the more interesting questions that’s been posed on the site:

How to do concealed carry on a bike?
For those of you that happen to cycle through rough neighborhoods and are able to do concealed carry of firearms… Wondering what you wear to conceal them that works well while cycling. Obviously the standard cycling outfit isn’t going to do any good whatsoever…

Are messenger bags only carried by fashion-conscious trendy hipsters, or are they genuinely useful?

Why do cyclists prefer messenger bags over backpacks?
…what’s the lure of the cyclist’s messenger bag? I see them everywhere, and can’t help but imagine them to be a big pain n the lopsided way they hang on a single shoulder, not to mention the strap-over-the-head maneauver required to take one off[…] People who enjoy using them tend to be quite passionate about them – and I doubt it’s limited to just the style of the bag. Having little experience riding with backpacks or messenger bags, I ask, why do you choose to ride with one over the other?

This guy keeps breaking his bicycles and can’t figure out why:

I keep breaking my road frames – why?
I’ve gone through four frames in the last decade or so, all from different manufacturers, all steel but both lugged and welded. Every one of them has eventually developed a crack, been repaired and then re-developed more cracks until I give up and get a new one.
Does this point to there being something wrong with the way I ride?

Questions have been edited slightly for brevity.


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