Running Water

I was in a band in the nineties, but I think most of my friends and family don't understand how important the experience was to me: Ten to Nine was a time of great change and turmoil in most of our personal lives. Rehearsal was hard work, a battle to get ourselves to sound better … Continue reading Running Water


Ten days with a Google CR-48 Chromebook — first impressions

Ten days ago, the UPS guy surprised me with a box that was approximately the size and heft of a large, abridged dictionary. I was puzzled; I hadn't ordered anything that large. I had been on my way out, netbook in my messenger bag and a bike helmet on my head. I opened the box … Continue reading Ten days with a Google CR-48 Chromebook — first impressions

Ah, those halcyon days of autumn!

I was working on a post about the album I have in post-production. It's an important project to me, and one that's been going on (and off and on) for over a decade. It's still a little unfocused, so I'll put that up next week. Here's a photo Grazina took in Highland Park, about the … Continue reading Ah, those halcyon days of autumn!

Grandpa Joe’s Cookies

I've been on a baking and cooking spree lately. After making these last week, I was in the mood to mix up some more cookies, and I decided to go with an old favorite recipe. I adapted the Grandpa Joe's recipe in the early nineties, partly from the back of a box of Ghiardelli chocolate … Continue reading Grandpa Joe’s Cookies

Review: The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, volume 1, part 1

I started this post by writing about each story as I finished it. I just realized that I'm about halfway through the book by page count, so there's no reason for me not to post the first half of this review now. (That I'm up against deadline and don't have a post for tonight doesn't … Continue reading Review: The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, volume 1, part 1


I don't understand the big deal about cupcakes. For the most part, cupcakes are sweet muffins, or little pieces of cake with far too much frosting. In some cases, the effort to make a cupcake appealing can be positively creepy. I suppose that these are supposed to be cute and cuddly cupcakes, but it looks … Continue reading Cupcakes

Art about Art

Art about art always struck me as cheating, a little. My 20th-century education taught me that art is supposed to be accessible, something the average person can relate to. (I majored in commercial art and advertising, which may be relevant.) Even though I considered myself an artist, I knew full well that most people did not, … Continue reading Art about Art

A Very Pink Christmas, So Nu?

I was walking on South Seventh Avenue here in town, and I passed a house with a modest Christmas lighting display, complete with electric candy-canes on their front lawn. When I later looked at this camphone picture, I realized that all I could think of was the recent NASA announcement. An arsenic candy cane might … Continue reading A Very Pink Christmas, So Nu?


A week-long tour was just a few weeks away, and I was riding my mountain bike on a training ride. A few miles after turning back home, a car took a left and was suddenly in front of me. After a few seconds, I climbed down from the hood of the SUV, shook myself, and … Continue reading Congratulations?