Symmetrical, Quiet

If I may distract you for a moment from the TSA and backscatter x-ray machines:

Every so often, life throws me a meditative moment, and I catch these more often when I’m on a bicycle. I came on a block of houses and symmetrical trees arching over the road when I was riding to a friend’s house a couple of weeks ago. I stopped my bike and lay it on the front edge of someone’s lawn to capture this moment.

Symmetry usually makes for boring photos, and I usually try to avoid it when composing a picture. Here’s the best of the two or three shots I took while standing on the double yellow line. If you have a large monitor, it’s worth your while to look at the larger version of the picture.

Symmetrical, Quiet

Part of the reason the moment felt so peaceful is a contrast with the busy roads I had been riding on for most of the day. After I got back on the bike, the moment evaporated after minute or two.


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