The Door

I’ve completed the journal from my last bike tour. I don’t have time for a full post this Wednesday, but here’s a few paragraphs of a Sholom Aleichem pastiche I wrote on the tour:

The door to this hotel is no ordinary door. It watches, constantly, looking to see if anybody might possibly have a need to go through it. And if anybody is there, do you know what it does then? Why, whether or not the people are actually of a mind to walk through the door, that door will open.

If a businessman is walking past it, the doors open. If a porter is outside, pacing and smoking (for smoking is not allowed inside, who ever heard of such a thing?) and the porter walks a little too close to the door, the ferschluggener thing opens!

Sitting in the hotel lobby, in the too-soft armchair next they put next to the fake fireplace, with the fake flames (on in July, even), I see an old lady walk from the ballroom to the front desk, not even coming close to walking through the door — but the door opens anyway! Who ever heard of such a thing? What could the man who put this thing together have been thinking?

Can you imagine what he would have thought of cell phones and Facebook?

The tour itself was four days long, but one day was a travel day and one was an unintended “rest day” while I recovered from some ride-related, um, injuries.

Link to the journal: The Door: Cold Spring to Middletown, or A Found-Time Tour of Opportunity If you’d rather just look at the pictures, they’re here on Flickr.


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