Cast Screening

I thought it would be odd seeing myself on a movie screen, even a movie screen that’s a big piece of paper held to the wall of a Metuchen office with gaffer’s tape. It was a little like seeing somebody else, someone who looks like me but with shorter hair. The film, “Everything Fred Tells Me Is True”, is the story of Philip, and also about his dreams where a pale, creepy bearded guy wearing a bowler tells him things. Or maybe he sets up situations that teach Philip things. It could also be that Philip simply has odd dreams.

According to his friend Tracy, who is obviously manipulating Philip, these dreams are precognitive, she interprets the dreams to her advantage. “You know I’m always right”, she repeats throughout the film. There’s also a filmmaker who’s trying to get Philip on video for unknown reasons, and there’s Christine, who is Tracy’s old friend from school, and who becomes Philip’s love interest. She also lives in an apartment that looks like just like ours (but can’t be, because it’s far too uncluttered).  “Dead People Making People Dead” is a film-within-the-film that Word Pictures Movies made in an afternoon, and it’s a minor plot point in the larger story.

I saw a working cut of “Fred” a couple of months ago when I swung by director Eric Vitner’s home on a bike tour, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Eric has since nipped and tucked the footage a bit, and along with the rest of the WPM creative team, production designer Bruce Meyers and screenwriter Adam Dickinson, they’ve added the final music tracks.

The film was shot here in Highland Park and Edison, some of it in our apartment. They’ve come a long way since their early films.



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