“Bicycles” Beta site – have a look!

I’m a pro-tem moderator on Bicycles, a site where people can ask questions and get answers quickly. It’s one of a family of sites made by the people who set up the crazily successful site Stack Overflow, a programming Q&A site.

Think of Yahoo! answers without the stupid people, and you’d be pretty close.

Here are some of the questions from the site. We’re trying to build up more user asking better questions, so feel free to log in (you can use OpenID if you have one) and ask some questions!

Determining if a road is safe to bike on
How do you determine which roads are safe to ride on, and which should be avoided? What traffic patterns do you feel comfortable riding in, and which ones set off alarms? What sorts of intersections do you avoid? (more…)

In shared bicycle/pedestrian facilities next to a road, do I obey the pedestrian or the vehicle traffic control devices?
My commute takes me on a bike path that runs parallel to a road (with a sidewalk in between). When crossing other roads, the sidewalk and bike path merge, and there is one curb-cut and cross walk with a pedestrian signal. (more…)

I wish to get fit, therefore should I have a heavy bike?
A lot of people seem take up cycling to get fit, and they’ll talk about how light their bikes are.
However, as I understand it, a heavy bike uses more energy to pedal it. Should someone that wished to get fit find a very heavy bike? (more…)

Is it safe to ride a racing road bike in very wet weather?
I’m used to riding on a MTB (mountain bike), but since I’ve got a new road bike, I’m quite paranoid about the slick tyres. How good are they in wet weather? I’m scared of braking too hard, or even just turning! (more…)


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