What’s a “holistic” detective?

Why are radio plays so bloody difficult to find in the U.S.? Even finding the most well-known works is a chore. If you need to be convinced of this, just try to hunt down the Hitch-Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy recordings in a physical store. There's no category on Amazon for radio drama, and item... Continue Reading →


Cast Screening

I thought it would be odd seeing myself on a movie screen, even a movie screen that's a big piece of paper held to the wall of a Metuchen office with gaffer's tape. It was a little like seeing somebody else, someone who looks like me but with shorter hair. The film, "Everything Fred Tells Me... Continue Reading →

Paint on a surface

Some artists talk about what their work means, and this is reprehensible if art is to stand on its own. Art doesn't mean anything, it's paint on a canvas, words on a page, pixels on a screen. Did Mary Shelley and J.R.R. Tolkien mean to write about the dangers of industrialization and technology in Frankenstein... Continue Reading →

“Bicycles” Beta site – have a look!

I'm a pro-tem moderator on Bicycles, a site where people can ask questions and get answers quickly. It's one of a family of sites made by the people who set up the crazily successful site Stack Overflow, a programming Q&A site. Think of Yahoo! answers without the stupid people, and you'd be pretty close. Here... Continue Reading →

Gotta love that friction

In February 2008, we went to Utah to visit my sister-in-law's soon-to-be in-laws. Here's the second oddest thing I saw in Salt Lake City: Utah is very snowy, with snow drifts far taller than I am. The first day there was the only super-cold day, but that was more than enough winter for me. I... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Living

In 2007, I bought Goth-accordionist-singer-songwriter Jason Webley's CD "The Cost of Living". I'm a big fan of Mr. Webley's music, ever since he performed on my stage at a ren-goth convention. I bought two of his CDs at the show, which I don't do very often. (When I'm in audio-monkey mode, musicians belong behind the... Continue Reading →

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