My first complete commute

Monday morning, I left the house at 5:40am. I improvised a little on the route, and got in at 1h 50m–I was working at my desk by 8am.

This is the first time I’ve done the entire commute without Martha dropping me off partway in the morning. Honestly, it’s really not all that hard, although I had to nerve myself to get going in the morning. And I could do without getting up at 5am.

The trip home was 3 hours long, but that’s because I was exploring. No, really, that’s not a euphemism for “getting lost”. My cue sheet holder broke about four miles into the ride home, so I stuffed it into my bag and kept going by the seat of my pants. I finally got clever and realized that you can pretty much always tell what town you’re in by looking at the manhole covers. I ended up riding 49 miles for the round trip.

A couple of guys in a driving range on Inman Ave in Edison thought that riding to my house from there was “a long ride”. And apparently, asking which direction is north sounds like I’m asking how to get to Newark.

There was a hairy moment in Scotch Plains, but a friendly jogger pointed me towards Inman Avenue. When I got to Oak Tree Road and Grove Street at 8pm, I knew I was 25 minutes from the house. (Scotch Plains is pretty hilly, by the way. Lots of rich-people houses on the top of a hill, and twisty, steep streets going past houses with huge lawns and tiny barking dogs behind fences with manicured shrubs. Pretty, though.)

What was hard about it was that I worked 10.5 hours yesterday. I slept very, very well last night.


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