Infinite Scrabble

How to play “Infinite” or “wraparound” style Scrabble:

I like it because there’s more of a tendency to build longer words, and the board fills up more evenly. Like the regular rules, but if you build a word up to one edge of the board you can continue it on the other side. The corners end up being contiguous.

It’s an odd way to play, and the scores tend to be somewhat higher. But all players have the same opportunities and frustrations.



Update: It’s been brought to my attention that this is still a difficult concept. When you build a word that’s longer than the board allows, you continue on the other side as if the board were “Infinite”. This applies to building words both horizontally and vertically. This board pictured here contains with words BAN|S, CA|IN, POI|SED, N|A, C|ARNY, T|OGA, and V|IEW. (The | character designates where a word straddles the edge of the board.)


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