Neil’s veggie chili recipe, October 2006

This chili didn’t come out nearly as hot as I would’ve liked, but it’s a good mellow chili with a small kick. Enjoy. Substitute a pound of ground beef if you want to make this un-veggie.


Pepper mush, beans
2 days before serving:

Wash the pound of peppers, and put them into the food processor. (Leave two small hot red peppers out, and put them to the side.) Also put into the food processor: 1 medium onion, 2 cloves of garlic, and a drop of olive oil.

You want to grind this all up until you have a paste, but you don’t want to liquefy the peppers.

Scoop the pepper mush into a jar you can seal tightly. Get the top into a flat surface, pour just enough olive oil on top to cover the surface (as little as possible). Leave the jar of pepper mush in the fridge overnight.

Take two pounds of dry beans (I used roman beans and kidney beans). One pound at a time, boil them for about 4 minutes, pour them into a colander, then let them cool overnight. (This produces two medium bowls of beans.)

Make the chili
1 day before serving

Fill an 8-quart pot about halfway with tomato sauce. Pour the beans into this. Let it bubble for about an hour and a half, with the lid a few millimeters ajar. Add about a third of the pepper mush and stir it all very well. Check it every so often to make sure the bottom doesn’t burn.

Cut up one small onion and the two hot peppers you put aside from yesterday. Saute them lightly, then toss them into the tomato sauce and beans. You are stirring every so often, right?

Add some Mexican chili powder and cheap red merlot to the tomato sauce. (It’s not chili yet.) Add two small cans of corn kernels. (NOT creamed corn, please.)

Cook up two packages of fake ground beef. Add them to the tomato sauce. If it’s too solid, add a little more tomato sauce. Add another third of the pepper mush.

Time to spice! Here’s what and how much to use:

  • Mexican chili Powder (lots))
  • Cinnamon (very little)
  • Mustard powder (very little, a little more than the cinnamon)
  • Honey (about 2/3 of a tablespoon, two bloops)
  • Onion powder (not onion salt, please)
  • Ground peppers

Let this whole thing cook for an hour or two. Cool and put it in the fridge overnight.


Finishing it up
Serving day!

Put it back on the stove and bring it to a bubble. Spice it up again, like yesterday’s laundry list. Add a little more Merlot and the rest of the pepper mush.

Let it bubble for an hour or two, stirring and scraping the bottom every so often. Stop when the beans are soft enough to eat.

Eat it! Have lots of water…

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