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Monday, July 2, 2007

Delaware White Clay Metric Century

by Neil Fein
Tandem setting out on leg 20 of the ride (25-50km).

The day after riding a metric century, and I feel pretty good. This was my second 100-kilometer ride, and I’m getting better at them. The first took 9 hours (a lot of breaks!), and this time it took around five and a half. It’s somewhat easier when there are rest stops set up by the bike club, and you stop at a designated point and only then. Aside from pulling over to have a sip of water or have a quick stretch. Neil and I are counting this as Neils on Wheels IV, even though it’s a larger ride organized by the White Clay Bicycle Club in Delaware. (Neils on Wheels III was a warmup ride the day before, by Neil’s house.)

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